Monday, September 17, 2007

Preparing for F3B League - Round Zero - 21st October

With only 5 weeks to go before round Zero of the F3B League it is time to start getting ready.
The event will take place at BERG on the 21st October. On the MGA calendar, this date was scheduled to be an F3J event, but has now been reallocated to F3B. The date for the F3J will be advised. More details will follow shortly.

I finally managed to get a gap in the Shongololo Building Group to make a plane for myself.

On Wednesday evening Robert, Trevor and Wesley helped me get the wing skins done and into the bags. On Thursday evening I layed up the first layers for the fuselage. Friday evening I joined the wings. Saturday afternoon I joined the fuselage and did the stab skins.

Sunday evening everything came out of the molds. I have to rush all this as I need to prepare the molds for Rudi plane, which we start on Wednesday.

Despite the rush everything came out perfectly and she is looking stunning. I still have quite a lot to do. Tonight I join the stabs, lay up the canopy and servo tray and if time permits, I'll do the joiner as well.