Thursday, January 29, 2009

League #1 ETB

On Sunday 25 January the first of the F3B Leagues was held at ETB. The previous weekend the HTL was held at ETB and becaues they had had the grass cut it was decided to hold the F3B league there.
The call went out on Monday for entries and by Friday 15 pilots had responded. Craig and Michelle and Myself were available for the morning only due to other commitments, so I decided to make this event into a Speed and Distance clinic.
I was very nice to see some new faces amongst the usual group. It was especially nice to have Jono from Australia. Craig and Michelle lent Jono one of their models and he had some early scary flight with it until he discover that the nose weight was missing completely. Once that had been corrected things got a little easier. Also nice to see some fairly new F3B Pilots, Roberts and Juniors, Steven and Jason. And not to forget Craig (Piglet) Baker back in the frey. Hope to see even more new pilots entering the next F3B League event scheduled for the 15th March.
As always helpers are difficult to find, so I asked that each team provide their own. This however didn't happen. So I arrange three man teams, with one pilot flying, one timing and the other team member was used as the flagman at Base B. As soon as the slot was over the Base B flagmen would go and fetch the chute and one of the other pilots would go down to Base B. This system worked fairly well and we were able to turn each distance slot around in about 15 minutes.
Because of the shortage of helpers and to keep some sort of momentum going it was decided to fly all the distance rounds back to back.
We got off to a very late start, so we only managed 5 full rounds of Distance and 3 rounds of Speed, before we called it a day at around 2;30pm.
Derek has promised to pretty up this article with some photos, so check back in a few days please.
Overall Distance scores below.
Individual Round score below

Speed times below. Robert and Lionel also had to leave early and Jono and Jason elected not to fly. It's interesting to see that Craig Baker was able to put in the second best speed time of 18.5 seconds. Well done! As always, Craig Goodrum was very consistent and fast. Michelle and Dion have some catching up to do! Also of interest is to see guys like Piet & Herman now consistently flying in the mid 20's. It won't be long before they too can clock sub 20 second runs.