Thursday, February 21, 2008

F3B League - round 1

Hello All

We held the first round of F3B league on Sunday and despite the small entry I think fun was had by all (I know I did) Evan has worked out the scores (with the handicap etc - think he used a Cray Super computer) and some interesting results emerge.

The Results were as follows:

Pilot Ave Raw Score Handicap End result Rank

Michelle 1854.15 1.0321 1989.61 1

Peter 1621.11 1.1898 1928.84 2

Craig 1913.72 1.0000 1913.72 3

Piet 1587.69 1.2034 1910.55 4

Dion 1580.24 1.0676 1687.05 5

B League
Robert 1600 1.0000 1600 1

(Sorry about the clunky format - I don't seem to be able to generate tables properly - If you need the spreadsheet of results drop me a mail and I will forward it to you)

I would like to than all who helped - Evan for CD'ing - Tony, Gordon, Peter, Edmund and Samantha who sat out in the hot sun, Justice for running lines in the same hot sun and Martie for keeping us fed and watered. Also Derek for providing the photos.

To those that flew - thanks for putting in the effort (even although there was some discussion about using egg timers and/ or calendars for timing the increasingly inaptly named "speed" task!) I hope you enjoyed it and that you will be back next time.
To those who missed out - you missed out! Come and join us next time (remember league every second month)