Sunday, July 15, 2007

New F3B Blog

Hi all

In the interests of promoting F3B in South Africa, we have created a Blog where we will be posting all future F3B stuff.

One of our first goals will be to create a league with regular F3B events. Peter Eagle and myself
have been discussing the idea of creating an A, B and C league.
Briefly, it will work something like below. Peter is working on a set of rules so this might change a whole lot but it give you some idea.

The A league will be for any pilots who has flown in an F3B event before.
The B league will be for pilots who would like to fly F3B and have the correct model, but feel they don't stand a chance against the "hot shot" pilots so don't ever enter any competitions.
And the C league will be for the all comers so to speak. Those that don't have an F3B glider but would like to try their hand at multitask gliding.

The idea is to host regular comps. Possibly one a month. A League pilots will not fly against the B league pilots, so will be your callers and timers. Helping you and showing you the ropes. The B league pilots will in turn help the C league pilots.

Anyway, more as we develop this. So if any of you have any suggestions please make comments. Be sure to leave your name.

Until later!


Anonymous said...

With interest in the F3B/J at an all time high, the F3B league sounds like a fantastic idea! Please count me in (B/C league?).


Anonymous said...

You can count me in for the F3B leagues too (providing there is no fly-off :-)

John M