Tuesday, July 17, 2007

F3B League ideas

Hi All

As Evan mentioned he and I thought of ways to increase interest in F3B. If we could get new pilots involved in multitask flying it would improve their piloting skills, get a greater depth of talent in gliding and strengthen competition in South Africa.

Also as mentioned a league system is currently being devised where "A" League (persons who have flown F3B) compete with each other to strict FAI rules.

Persons who have not flown multitask but have competitive aircraft (all those Shongololo's from the building groups!!) will fly in the "B" League and be assisted by the more experienced folk. "B" league pilots fly against each other not the "A"league and fly to modified FAI rules to ease their learning curve.

All others who are interested in improving their skills by flying multitask but do not have multitask specific aircraft will compete in the "C" League - this is an "all comers" league with seriously revised rules to ease entry. Here the "a" and "B" league pilots would be expected to help.

As Evan mentioned this will only go into effect next year and as such there is a lot o time to fine tune the rules. Please provide comments and leave your name so I can get back to you.

Who knows - maybe the next "Herrig brothers" are out there waiting to be discovered (See header photo - F3B Meeting at Kassel in Germany - first airing of the Radical!)

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