Thursday, October 18, 2007

F3B League

Hi All interested F3B pilots

Herewith the long awaited rules for the competitions.

We will mostly fly distance and speed (tasks B & C) of the FAI F3B Discipline but this is up to the individual organisers discretion. Obviously all team selection events will be full F3B competitions.

To recap - task B - Distance

Working time seven (7) minutes. Pilots may only score laps during working time. Pilots have four (4) minutes from entering the course to fly as many legs of the 150M course as possible. Pilots may relaunch at any time during working time but the last attempt is the one that counts. The aircraft will be identified to the base B buzzers prior to launch and these same base B buzzers will indicate when the aircraft passes base B and it can be turned. The pilots team is responsible for base A and for counting laps and elapsed time in the course.

Task C (Speed)

Working time four (4) minutes to launch and gain height as necessary to enter the course. The pilot may relaunch at any time BEFORE entering the course. Once the pilot has entered the course they must fly four (4) 150M legs of the course as quickly as possible. Timers at base A will be provided by the organisers but the pilot is responsible for getting a caller to call the turns for them. The organisers/ timers will indicate when the aircraft has passed "OUT" of the course and can be turned to commence the run. They will also indicate when the plane enters the course (IN). The aircraft must complete the entire run on the opposite side of the course from where timers and others are situated and crossing the centre safety line will result in a zero score.

For "A" league pilots the FAI rule requiring the completion of an entire round (Tasks B & C) with a single aircraft will be enforced. For "B" league pilots this will not.

Round o - as will take place on Sunday is to establish a baseline for handicapping the "A" league pilots. The handicap will be worked out so as to provide all pilots with an equal chance of winning the event. The handicaps will be revised after every competition to take into account improvements in pilot performance. This will also allow pilots to join the league after round 0 but their 1st competition will then be as a "scratch" handicap and any benefit they derive will be from the following competition onwards. This is so as to not disadvantage pilots who fly round 0.

Promotion and relegation to and from the various leagues will be based on annual performance except where exceptional performance in consecutive events is observed and will be used to move those pilots between leagues. This will be up to the discretion of the organisers of the league

There will be prizes for both leagues - I have decided to sponsor 1/2 of a building group slot for the winner of the "B" league and Evan very kindly said he would do the other 1/2. For the "A" league pilots some sponsorship is still being sought but the thinking is that a worthwhile prize will be awarded as it is based on the years performance.

As always we welcome any comments and feedback on this as the purpose of the league to to foster pilot development.


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