Monday, October 8, 2007

Practice for F3B League

A reminder to all that there will be an F3B League practice day at BERG on Sunday 14th October.

This is also a great opportunity for all aspirant B League pilots to come and get advice and set-up tips form the A league pilots. Remember that this is for anyone with an F3B glider that would like to try his hand at F3B. The emphasis will be on Speed and Distance tasks. We all get enough Thermal practices. Experienced F3B pilots will be able to help and guide you through how F3B speed and distance task should be flown.

Here is Trevor and Evan with their new Shongololo's, that were maidened last weekend.
There should be 5 new Shongololo's from the building group there, some for their maiden flights.

Peter will be posting rules etc for the league shortly, so watch this space.

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