Monday, October 22, 2007

Round Zero

F3B League Round Zero kicked off on Sunday 21st October at BERG with 15 A League Pilots and 2 B League Pilots competing.
Of the 15 A League pilots 9 completed the 4 rounds flown. Both the B League pilots managed all 4 rounds.
The event got off to a prompt start at the advertised start time of 09h30. Well done people.
Distance was first, followed by Speed, then speed again followed by distance, etc. Back to back tasks. No Duration tasks only Speed and Distance.
The B League pilots flew in their own slot against each other. So each distance round had 4 slots. This did make things drag on a bit, hence only getting in 4 rounds. On the whole it was a very enjoyable day and a reasonably early finish.

Unfortunately, the attrition rate was high in the first round with Peter Joffe and Wolfgang breaking their models in the opening distance task. Paul and John had a midair with Paul's plane suffering the worst, knocking him out of the comp. John was able to repair the gash in the wing and was able to continue.

The next to break his model was Craig Baker when he dipped to low at the end of the speed run and smote Mother Earth. Knocking him out of the comp.
Michelle, unfortunately had to leave for work commitments, and was only able to complete the first round and the speed task in round 2. Derek was a non starter, because he was unable to get a model ready in time for the event.
It was a great day with the BERG field in superb condition. There was plenty of lift about and the light breeze helped with the launches.
Only the A League pilots get a handicap and only those that completed at least one full round. (Speed and Distance) The pilots average score follows the actual score with the handicap calculated.
This handicap will be used in the next event when calculating the pilots score.
A system will be devised to award handicaps to any pilots joining future events.
Any suggestions will be welcome.
The full round by round scores are also available. Click here.
Below is a quick summary.
A League
--Name ---Score ---Average --- Handicap
1. Craig Goodrum 7833.33 - 1958.33 - 1.0000
2. Dion Liebenberg 7337.38 - 1834.35 - 1.0676
3. Michelle Goodrum 1825.00 - 1825.00 - 1.0731
4. Craig Baker 1807.50 - 1807.50 - 1.0834
5. Tim Joffe 6582.90 - 1645.73 - 1.1900
6. Peter Eagle 6583.62 - 1645.91 - 1.1898
7. Piet Rheeders 6509.57 - 1627.39 - 1.2034
8. Alan Smith 6135.27 - 1533.82 - 1.2768
9. Evan Shaw 6097.87 - 1524.47 - 1.2846
10. John Monk 6015.31 - 1503.83 - 1.3022
11. Herman Weber 5771.00 - 1442.75 - 1.3574
12. Paul Carnall 727.27
13. Wolfgang Steffny 600.00
14. Peter Joffe 400.00
15. Derek Marusich 0.00

B League
1. Rudi King 6941.18
2. Len Thomas 6164.00

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