Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2nd day of the worlds in Nardt

Well, a scorcher it was! But from a competative view it was a lot better than yesterday. Although we had such bad luck, with some tasks, in terms of helpers not buzzing the bases properly. Our re-flights still gave us the upper hand though. Craig especially had a huge impact on the team today, coming second for round 3. Well done to him. The rest of the team, definitely improved on "jellying" with each other to improve communication on the field. Having said that, there still is the aspect of having been married so long, that one tends to, not listen!!
Fun we had, that is for sure, and this experience will always be carried forward.
It was also a day, where for the first time we could all take a breather and didn't feel like, we've been run over by a train, that is except for the heat. An afternoon coffee, the real German type, seems to have given usalasere of life. Or should I have not said it due to the anti doping requirements?
The tuck shop must have made a killing thus far, in ice cream sales, due to these high temperatures.

Back at the on field action, the distance turned out to be the highlight, when three planes ploughed into the aligning forest. One had to be retrieved by an extended ladder, with only minor damage to the leading edge.
Talking of damage, our neigbours, the Swiss, seem to have bought along a master repairer. I think they knew what they were in for, but this guy realy can repair glider damages on site.The rest of the day was uneventfull, except that I fell asleep again, before finishing this blog.

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