Friday, August 2, 2013

Practice day

Today, was most probably the hardest day.

It started with a great german breakfast, which basically lasted the whole day. Yes we made lunch packs, just because we could as it is a cheap option.
At the field the hard work of setting up the winches started. It was followed by assembling the planes and then testing if the winches were to competition spec. This was all done in the open at 36 Degrees!! Soon we had to get crates of water to prevent any dehydration. Drinking 4,5 litres of water was not a problem today! When the model prosessing had to be done at 14h00, it was a welcomed shady experience. All the planes were passed, but we were still busy trying to test and set the winches.
By 17h00, when everybody started to leave, we started to get a couple of practice flights in. Craig took part in some planned distance practices.

At 20h00, this is when the sun is still shining here, we were PASTE and decided to call it a day. 12Volt batteries for the winches had to be carried back to the car, winches had to be secured from the elements and the planes had to be taken appart and packed into the car. Sweaty and most probably smelly, we decided to have dinner first and then unpack the car, charge the batteries and only then go to bed.

As I said, a loong and tough day!

Tomorrow the pre-comp will start, where 3 rounds will be attempted to be flown over 2 days. But I'll keep that for tomorrow, if I have not keeled over by then.

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Evan said...

Good luck to you all. Hope you have a great time.
Keep us posted!