Friday, August 2, 2013

Travelling to Nardt

Well, the big day came and went. We all arranged to leave home at 15h00 on Wednesday the 31st of July for OR Tambo airport. I was the first to arrive, thanks to my lovely wife and children. To my surprise, our F3K team manager, Juanita arrived after me, with Nigel, Linda and Michelle and kids in close pursuit. Bob Skinner and family also made the effort of seeing us off. Many thanks for all the support, it is greatly appreciated.
The check-in went smooth, thanks to some very helpful Lufthansa staff. Especially those who made it possible to give us a waver on our oversized glider boxes.
The flight was long and tedious, although some slept the time away. It crossed my mind to wake them to find out how they can possibly sleep. Well I didn't. Arriving round about 5h30 in Frankfurt, we quickly arranged trolleys and moved towards the train station. Here we changed currency and had a bite to eat after the typically poor airplane food. Further we picked up some sim and data cards, which left us then with little time to get to the train to Dresden.
The ICE train did not disappoint and got us to Dresden main station on time. There we found a smiling and very happy Craig, who obviously missed his family and some familiar faces.

Heading to Nardt, we stopped over at Macdonalds for some lunch. Once again an eye opener, as here you see, that they have put in a great effort of going healthy.The self service on the drinks is also something, that we'll never see in RSA.
Nigel was fortunate, of being thrown in the deep end, by having to drive on the right hand of the road. As you can imagine, the wipers went and the door was nearly opened when he changed gears. I think Linda in the back was more nervous.
The landscape here in Germany is spectacular. Everything is very green with manicured farmlands and aligning forests. We decided to go to the the field, where we received our winches from a contact of Wolfgang's. With the rented batteries we went to the hotel. Upon our arrival we unpacked and soon our rooms were transformed into what looked like workshops.
For dinner we had a great meal, consisiting mainly of pork and beer. After that, it was lights out.

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