Sunday, August 4, 2013

First day of Nardt Open

The day started at 6h30 with loading the car, with all the charged batteries, followed by breakfast, so that we could still set up the winches and assemble the planes before the pilots briefing at 8h45. Needless to say, we should've arrived earlier, but good team work, made it possible to get Craig up into the air without a hick up.

Compared to yesterday, the day was a lot more managable, as we could take longer breaks in the shade. Yes, it was another scorcher of a day at 36 degrees.

Anyway, the competion ran like clockwork, as can be expected from the Germans. A total of 110 pilots entered this competion and one and a half rounds could be flown today. I guess the reason being that we flew until 20h00. I kid you not!

Since we didn't have a great deal of practice at this altitude, and with nerves running amok, Nigel and myself struggled somewhat in the first round. But then again we are flying against the best! Craig showed his class, by setting the pace early on in the speed run. Unfortunately condition changed to suit the other pilots after him. Michelle got to grips with her C model and also showed her class with good flying.
I'm glad to see an improved in the second round by Nigel, although we still have to complete that round tomorrow.

Let's see what tomorrow holds for us. The weatherman predicts rain and thunderstorms. May he be wrong, so that we can complete our 2nd and 3rd rounds.

To get the latest score updates, please see the F3B WM web page. Select Nardt Open, change to english and follow the selection presented.

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Anonymous said...

Hev Jochen, great work. Best of luck for the rounds to follow!