Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First day of F3B worlds in Nardt Germany

The day started with severe mist or fog, what ever you want to call it, which gave us a bit of a breather in terms of getting ready to fly. For round1, speed was flown first, followed by distance and then duration.
It seemed like a total lottery out there today, as conditions changed very quickly, leaving us, the south african team, reeling to get some form of hold. The luck was not with us in the slots, reflecting badly in our scores.
For the results, please see the web site on the F3B world cup in Nardt.
Unfortunately we are not doing to well, but then again the top pilots are reeeaaly good. We shall see how tomorrow goes!
The short nights and long days are catching up to me. While writing the above, I fell asleep, so that is why you only received the blog this morning. I'm glad to see that some of you are watching the live streaming, amazing what technology has given us.
Well, the sun is shining, seems to be another scorcher today. But now it is time for breakfast and coffee.

For those of you streaming your data away, enjoy!

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